Technology is on steroids and everything from shopping to food ordering is moving online. Artificial Intelligence is taking over everything and yes they are providing better returns.

But still, there are some sections of the service industry in which an AI is not suitable to take care of.

The insurance sector is one among it. People argue, Why not insurance?

Insurance is not a commodity it more of a personalized service. There are some websites which provide excellent Insurance offers. What these people are not taking into account is the complexity of Insurance covers. Insurance is a customized service and you can’t cater the requirement with the help of a generalist form. The requirement varies from person to person from organization to organization.

Corporates practice cost-cutting at the highest scale, still when given an option. They go with the local insurance agencies and shy away from directly dealing with the insurance companies.

We try to summarize why Choosing a local insurance agency is the best thing for you as an individual as well as an organization:

5 Reasons To Choose a Local Insurance Agency
1.Customer service:

India is a country where we value people and their words more than technology. We give special attention to customers.

To quote an example if you book an Insurance cover from an online portal and if you face any problem, you have to call 1800- toll free number. After going through the loop of calls you will be provided a complaint number and the circle of follow up will continue.

Personalized service, it is always a pleasing experience of having a person on the other end to cater you need when there is so much technological and automation noise around. Seeing a smiling face, or actually get a person on the phone verse trying to finagle your way through voice prompts are something like a fresh breath of air when you need it the most at the time of distress. Lots of questions, maintenance, and claims surround insurance. Having an agent is nice because it not only helps you to have a friendly person with whom you can speak verse multiple customer representatives.

If you are having a personal insurance company like Tirupati Insurance from Hissar, they have their relationship manager in all Haryana cities. Who are just a call away from you. You just have to pick your phone dial their number.

2. Options during purchase:

Insurance is more like a compulsory requirement for every person. Even as small as mobile phones are getting insured these days. A local person, who have knowledge of the surrounding will always have an upper hand on suggesting you with the best options when it comes to buying an insurance product. Local insurance agency will be very familiar with the area and community, and they can use that knowledge to help you better reduce your risks and protect your assets.

3. Consultation:

Buying an Insurance policy is a really complicated task. There is always some hidden benefit or hidden guideline which you will miss if you are buying it online or directly from the insurance company. Nobody reads all the 50+ pages of terms and condition of any endorsement policy. Your independent insurance agent will work to make sure that you fully understand your coverage point by point, from what is and is not included, to the deductibles and limits you should consider.

4. Will work as your Advocate:

In health insurance problems regarding billing, cashless settlements and claims arises, at times you need to change your coverage, your agent can be your advocate, working with the insurance company on your behalf.

Sometimes due to busy schedules and life, we miss renewals reminders and renewals also. In such cases, your insurance agent will prepare your case and your behalf to your insurance company that you’re always on-time when paying your bills, and that you have a great history with the agency. Not only does your agent get your policy taken care of, but they get the late fee waived because they know you personally and missing payments is not something you do.

5. One stop shop for all insurance needs:

In current world order time is the most precious item of life. Where will you go if you want to go for grocery shopping? The obvious answer will be “to a supermarket” where you will find every product under one roof. So why it has to be any different for Insurance. Local Insurance agencies are the supermarket, with basket full of policies for different needs ranging from two-wheelers to house to health insurance.

Choose a Local Insurance Agency

Find the right insurance company is the key but more important is finding a local insurance agency. Who will not only help you to decide on right policy but also hold your hand at the time of need.

You have to choose: Either you can go for hassel free, get insurance in 5 mins, cheap insurance policy or you want this complex decision to be guided by licensed insurance advisors that have your best interest in mind?

Tirupati Insurance will be that friend, advocate, consulatant, one stop shop for you. Currently, they are having offices in Hisar, Bhiwani, Sirsa, and Delhi. They have their presence in all major cities across Haryana. You can reach them out at:

Phone: 8950000000