About Us

About Us

In this short life, you always need someone to take care of you and your belongings. Sometimes atrocities can’t be prevented but you can always be prepared for them with Tirupati Insurance.

Tirupati Insurance has been serving people across Haryana for over 10 years. We help our customers with a promise of providing coverage as per their needs. Through the years we have created multiple customized solutions like Health Insurance, Motor Insurance, and Business Insurance to help provide coverage for our clients, their family, and belongings.

We are an independent agency and our first priority will always be our customers, people, and businesses which we can help. We work with various Insurance companies which offer diversity in plans and different coverage option. Our experts browse through hundreds of options before presenting the option which suits you best.  We take into account different factors before selecting the best policy for you.

We select a different policy as per
  • Your Budget
  • Requirements
  • Your Portfolio and
  • Your special customized needs

We take care of your every need and your satisfaction is always our top priority. We dedicate ourselves in finding “The Policy” you need out of thousands you will see out there.

What we do?

Smart Insurance is all about understanding your needs and find the policy for you which fulfils each and every requirement you have. Our experts understand your needs by analyzing your portfolio. As one of the largest insurance agency in Haryana, Tirupati Insurance Broking Services built innovative solutions for the toughest risk management challenges.

Tirupati Insurance believes client’s financial security and their healthy lifestyle deserve dedication, expert advice and personal attention from the expert. Life can be uncertain and you can never be too cautious that’s why we help you to make smarter choices so that you are always covered in case of any unexpected financial situations.


We believe that a happy customer is a satisfied customer. We leave no stones unturned to find the best solutions for your clients. At Tirupati Insurance Broking Services, our experts show utmost commitment and dedication to providing personalized insurance coverage to our customer at reasonable prices.

A good policy must provide you coverage on multiple fronts. We are guided by the highest standard of integrity and professionalism so our clients get expert advice that will help them obtain the best insurance coverage for their unique needs at the right price that doesn’t feel heavy on client’s pocket.

Why We?

You don’t need to take us on your word, we have changed lives and helped people through the years. We have always put our clients first and we offer you best services and options. With Tirupati Insurance Broking Services, you get

  • A Choice between different reputed insurance companies.

We have good business relations with various big insurance companies. Hence, you will always have the option to choose the one you trust.

  • Advice from the best in the field

Our experts have experience of years in Insurance Industry and they provide you with unparallel advice and helps you select the best policy for you.

  • A Personal approach towards our customers

Our expert advisors are always very helpful to our customers and try to know them on a personal level. We know the things you value in life and we will help you protect them with utmost commitment.