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Having a personal car is everyone’s dream.

A car is always at the top of the list every individual who starts earning after college.

And our own car is always dear to our heart.

But as we live in a real world, unforeseen incidents do take place, accidents do happen.

So what do we do?

Car insurance is the answer, popularly known as auto or motor insurance.
It protects your car from unforeseen risks which may arise anytime and also covers the losses that you may face due to unavoidable instances. The risks may vary from theft, financial loss due to accidents or any subsequent liabilities.

Some Facts About Car Insurance

The government has made mandatory to get the car insured at the time of purchase. But people fail to renew it for various reasons like unable to track the date of renewal, intentionally avoiding due to price. People shy away from car insurance but in emergencies, it is a boon to have one. The statistics say that out of 21 crore registered vehicles only 6.5 crores are insured (data source Insurance Information Bureau). Even if we consider some to be not in running condition and as scrap, almost 50% cars on Indian roads are not running without insurance.

Types of Car Insurance

There is two type of cover in car insurance segment:
. Third Party Insurance
. Comprehensive Insurance

A lot of factors assemble together to decide premium of the car insurance like the value of the car, type of coverage, vehicle classification; voluntary excess etc.

With a number of car insurance companies in the market with promises of best policy and services, it is really hard for an individual to identify the right car insurance.

Tirupati Insurance will work with you and advise you to take a decision of choosing the right policy and insurer. They will figure out the right insurance policy, making sure that all of your requirement from the policy is met and will also make sure to be cost-effective. Buying a car insurance may seem complex but having it saves you spending a fortune later, and Tirupati Insurance will help you out with making this complex simple.
With the help of Tirupati Insurance, you can drive your car confidently and peacefully.

Advantages having Insurance with Tirupati Insurance

Tirupati Insurance will help you take a decision with going insurance plan:

  • Help you to choose the right Cover
  • Coordinate with the insurance company to bring down the premium amount to the lowest taking into account no claim bonus
  • Advice on add-on features which is applicable to your locality
  • Will be available to hear you and assist you 24*7.
  • Tirupati Insurane work with the insurer to get the best insured declared value.
  • Will help you with portability (if required) from on insurer to another.
  • Assist in all possible way for quick claim settlements
  • Will save you from the headache of tracking and renewal of policies
  • Our Insurance agents in Haryana and Delhi will help you any possible way