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“Health is Wealth” has been taught to us since we are a kid.

Question is, do we follow it?

Data says otherwise.

Some Facts about Health Insurance

In India, only 27 percent of Indians have health cover i.e. 35cr. out of 135cr, according to data from the National Health Profile (NHP). Thus, of India’s total population of 135 crores, 100 crores have no health insurance cover against terrible health expenses compared to other countries that have either Universal Health Coverage or moving towards it.

80% of cases of hospitalization results in either selling family assets like gold, land, or business or taking a personal loan from a bank or Local Sahukars. Yes, 4 in every 5 individuals is not prepared for it.

A sharp increase in medical care cost has forced many to deprive themselves of quality healthcare. Instead of visiting a specialty hospital, people prefer local medical practitioner who provides medicine at a lower cost. Health Insurance broadly protects us from the entire spectrum of diseases by making treatment affordable.

Health Insurance makes sure for you to get quality treatment, hospitalization, and other healthcare facilities even when health care is highly expensive. A single major ailment can drain away your entire life’s savings. Health insurance policy reduces significantly the burden of expenditure and brings quality treatment within your reaches.

Tirupati Insurance will educate and advise you on your plan selection to help you lower your risk and make wise decisions. Whether it’s a great network of hospitals, affordable price of the policies, or anything else, we use your credentials as our guiding light in suggesting the best policy for your needs.

Advantages having Insurance with Tirupati Insurance

Tirupati Insurance will hold your hand throughout the process. We will help you to:

  • Decide on the plan best suited for you as per your needs
  • Comparison of the plan among different Insurance companies
  • Coordinate with the insurance company to bring down the premium amount to the lowest
  • Will be available just a phone call away 24*7
  • We will assist in all possible way for quick claim settlements
  • Will waive of medical tests for individuals up to the age of 70
  • We will save you from the headache of tracking and renewal of policies
  • Will also make you aware of any new terms and benefits which we feel  beneficial for you.